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Tips for Living With Macular Degeneration: Senior Care

Senior Care Tips for Living With Macular Degeneration We’ve written several blogs on Macular Degeneration, but this is our first […]
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A Regimen for Healthy Sleep: In-Home Care

A Regimen for Healthy Sleep: In-Home Care Lying in bed, I check the clock, it’s 2:00am, then 3:00am, 3:30am and then […]
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Ten Signs of Alzheimer’s: In-Home Care

Ten Signs of Alzheimer’s: Alzheimer’s Care What’s the difference between senility and Alzheimer’s you ask?  Many times we jump to the […]
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Play Golf and Support Upper Shore Aging

Support Upper Shore Aging MAP Program at Hog Neck Golf Course I bet you didn’t know that supporting Upper Shore […]
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Top 12 Reasons Older Adults Should be Active: Senior Care

Top 12 Reasons Older Adults Should be Active –Senior Care Last year we contributed an article for the Shore Update’s […]
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Eye Health & Eyeglasses Seminar – Caregiving Services

Eye Health & Eyeglasses Seminar:                   Caregiving Services The Queen Anne’s County […]
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Elder Abuse, Scams, & Safety – Caregiver’s Support

Elder Abuse, Scams & Safety – Caregiving Services   In support of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Grasonville Senior Center […]
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Heart Attack Signs & Symptoms in Women – Home Care

Heart Attack Signs & Symptoms in Women – Home Care   Heart disease is the number one killer of women […]
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Heart Attack: Signs & Symptoms – Caregiving Services

Heart Attack Warning Signs – Caregiving Services Some heart attacks are very sudden and intense. Most heart attacks though start […]
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Improving Balance – Senior Care

Improving Balance – Senior Care It’s a Catch-22.  Many times when an older person falls, whether or not they are injured, […]
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