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Breast Cancer Clinical Trials — Caregiving

Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

Caregiving for those with Breast Cancer in Easton and Chester, MDThere is a relatively new website for those with breast cancer.  This new site called Breast Cancer Trials can match women with breast cancer with the appropriate clinical trial.

Breast Cancer Trials is a free site.  The website is designed to match women (or men) with the clinical trial that best fits them.  In order for this to work, you must enter your health information and answer a few questions and the matching service will find the best trials for you.  And this service is not just for those recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  It’s also tailored for those who are at risk, are actively managing the disease and/or have completed treatment and are cancer-free.

Caregiving services for breast cancer patients in Easton, MD, Chester, MD & Annapolis, MD.

The website can be used as a one-time service, where you can browse breast cancer trials in your zip code or you can opt to have your information saved on the website for future research.

Your Home Companion provides caregiving services to those with breast cancer to include transportation.  After recently hearing about the site, we referred one of our clients to the Breast Cancer Trials website and would like to spread the word to others as well.  Hopefully you will find the website informative and helpful.


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