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Errand Services

Errand Services

Are you thinking that it may be time for a loved one to give up the keys to the car? Are you dreading how the conversation may go? It’s always best to have suggestions or alternative solutions to the loss of independence your loved one is about to experience. That’s where Your Home Companion can help.

Your Home Companion offers errand services to all its clients. We drive our clients to the grocery store and pick up prescriptions. Afterwards, we take them to the beauty parlor to get that perm that get every month like clock work.  There isn’t any reason why a loved one can’t continue to run their weekly/monthly errands.

Errand Services:

  • Grocery shoppingescort-mall
  • Pick up prescriptions
  • Trip to the beauty salon
  • Trips to the mall
  • Pick up dry cleaning
  • Take the pet to the groomers or vet
  • And so many other places

For more information on our errand services, please feel free to email or contact us by phone.  We can be reached at our Annapolis, MD, Chester, MD or Easton, MD location.

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