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Personal Care

Personal Care

Your Home Companion provides seniors personal care services.It doesn’t matter how old our loved ones become, pride in appearance is still important.  Part of our personal care services is to provide dressing and grooming guidance.  From picking out an outfit to combing hair, we help your loved one look good and feel as good as well

We can assist your loved one from waking and preparing for the day — dressing, eating and taking their medications — to settling down for the evening.

Personal Care Services:

  • Picking out daily wardrobe
  • Laundry, to ensure clothing is clean
  • Grooming guidance
  • Stand by for assistance into and out of the shower/tub
  • Dressing guidance

Bathrooms are probably one of the most dangerous rooms in the house.  They’re cold and slippery and contain many obstacles, such as climbing in and out of the tub.   Some find the thought of taking a shower when no one is there almost paralyzing.  We can help.  Knowing that one of our caregivers is there can give your loved one a sense of calm.

Your Home Companion can provide a wide range of caregiving services.  We can set up a custom care plan specifically for your loved one.  Contact us in Annapolis, Chester or Easton, MD to set up a consultation.

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