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Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Your Home Companion provides transportation services to its clients.Visiting friends and going to church services should not become an issue, nor should a loved one stop doing the things they love because of aging or health concerns.  We provide our client’s the freedom to enjoy the outings they have grown accustomed to because of the transportation services we provide.

It doesn’t matter if a client needs transportation into town or across the bridge to the airport, we are here to help.  We do what we can to assist our client in maintaining the life they have always enjoyed.

Transportation Services: Annapolis, MD |Chester, MD | Easton, MD

Transportation Services to:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Religious services
  • Senior center
  • Visit friends or family
  • Movies
  • Red Hat club meetings
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Airport
  • Shopping
  • Sporting events, plays, concerts…


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Annapolis, MD | Chester, MD | Easton, MD  

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